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Guess the Answer - Win A Calendar
This fuel gauge, from an early predecessor to the Tesla Roadster, was considered cutting edge technology back in 1922, when this unique vehicle rolled off the assembly line. Unfortunately this vehicle's chances of becoming the de facto standard for the automotive industry was cut short by GM, who bought the ...

Sun Tach Rebuild
Muscle Car LegendMeets the 21st CenturyIt's no secret that the legendary Sun tachometer was an absolute requirement for any muscle car owner ( or wannabe muscle car owner) in the 50's, 60's, 70's and beyond. It was impossible to avoid ads for Sun tachometers in virtually every automobile related ...

A Diamond in the Rough
A Diamond in the Rough A Resurrection Tale with PicturesThe fuel sender for the 1940 Diamond T was in rough shape when it was unboxed at Bob's Speedometer. Saying this does not mean that this particular fuel sender was by any means even close to being in the worst ...

The Little Bob
Did You Know? The simple automotive circuit tester, a staple in every mechanic's toolbox, has been in use for much longer than most folks may realize. In fact, Bob Woolsey, founder of Bob's Speedometer, designed and patented one of these devices, called the Little Bob, back when most vehicles ...

The Torpedo Transformation
The story of how the techs at Bob's Speedometer gave a rare Tucker 48 a complete Facelift! ~coming soon!~ ...

The Lazarus Effect
Bringing a 1949 Freightliner instrument cluster back to life!~coming ...

Outback Mack Attack
Outback Mack Attack    A Miraculous Recovery from Down Under   (coming soon!) ...

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