Let our Professional Artists and Graphic Designers conventionalize and/or personilize any of your gauges in any manner imaginable. We can use your designs or we can work with you to perfect and bring to life your projects vision. We can reface the gauges, change the font or lettering, the layout, logos, symbols, incorporate new text, change and/or recolor the pointer, the bezel. The following are a few examples of our custom work. Please contact us with your customization needs

1941 Willis Truck

1950 Chevy

550 1 41Willies(1)

We converted it to a 120 MPH speedometer and used VDO gauges to modernize it.

550 1 50ChevyBeforeAfter(1)

We converted it to 120 MPH and modifed the colors per the customer's request.

1929 Cord Clock

320 1 1929CordClock2
320 1 1929CordClock(Custom)

1980 Corvette

320 1 1980Corvette(05)
320 1 1980Corvette(19)
320 1 1980corvette(03)
320 1 1980corvette(18)
320 1 1980corvette(29)
320 1 1980corvette(32)

Custom or Stock? It's Your Choice!

Every Bob's Speedometer customer has the option to have their restoration work done so that it looks like the factory original, OR, to have their restoration done in any custom colors that they prefer. In the two pictures shown below, you can see just how different these clusters from classic 1954 Pontiac Chieftains were done to make both owners VERY happy!

1024 0 1954pontiacchieftain(1)

1954 Pontiac Chieftain - Stock Restoration

1024 0 1954cheiftanstdborder Final(1) (1)

1954 Pontiac Chieftain - Custom Restoration

Other Custom Work

1940 Ford Truck Cluster
  • Changed Fuel, Oil, Amp & Temp to Electronic
  • Made new fonts for dial faces. (Speedometer to 160 mph)
  • Amp Gauge to Voltmeter (Reading 8 - 18 volts).
  • Color Scheme: White background w/ green and red numbers.
1934 Packard
  • Change All Gauges and Speedometer to Electronic.
  • Keeping original artwork on faces.