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These pages are dedicated to sharing pictures of some of our restoration projects.
Just a random collection of things that we are quite proud to have worked on.
Some are old projects, some we are currently working on, others we have recently finished.

The Willys Jeepster was one of the original 'crossover' vehicles.
And with gauges that look this good, this happy
1950 Willys Jeepster owner is riding in style!


There is going to be one owner of a 1968 Dodge truck that will be
REALLY glad to see this glossy black instrument cluster delivered!


The 1950's were all about curves and chrome.
This speedometer from a 1954 Pontiac Chieftain,
carefully restored by the techs at Bob's Speedometer,
is a perfect example of that classic 50's look!


This completely restored cluster from a rare 1930 Durant is a small example
of why these vehicles are show stoppers anywhere they are on display.
Bob's Speedometer's customers have been known to walk away with prize ribbons all over the world!
Don't trust your restoration to anyone else!


This speedometer, tachometer, and gauge cluster from a 1947 American LaFrance 700 series pumper
were completely restored by the techs at Bob's Speedometer, And as the picture shows,
these vehicles were not only functional, they had a styling that makes them showcase superstars for collectors all over the world.
They truly don't make them like this anymore!


Does the instrument console of your 1999 Formula look this sharp?
If not, send it in to the techs at Bob's Speedometer!


No need to settle for stock colors when the techs at Bob's Speedometer are more than happy
to assist with a custom paint treatment for this 1954 Pontiac Chieftain instrument cluster.
This one is going to be a truly delightful surprise when the owner gets his delivery!


Before and after views of a 1939 Pontiac face lift,
done the Bob's Speedometer way!

This speedometer from a 1953 GE 44 ton Locomotive engine has to be one of the more
unusual vehicles that the techs at Bob's Speedometer have restored gauges for.

Got a unique gauge that needs repair or restoration?
Send it to the EXPERTS at Bob's Speedometer!


For nearly 70 years, International Harvester successfully gave the 'Big Three' a run for their money in the truck market.
This instrument cluster from the first IH D-1 series half ton pickup, built in 1933, included a full complement of gauges.
And the techs at Bob's Speedometer made sure that this particular cluster went back to it's owner in showroom condition!


- How to retrofit a 1940 Ford Deluxe cluster -

Step 1. Service/repair the speedometer assembly, then do a cosmetic restoration on the odometer wheels.
Step 2. Add all new modern meter movements for the oil, fuel, temp and battery gauges.
Step 3. Do a cosmetic restoration on all sub-dials.
Step 4. Install the sub-dials onto the new meter movements in the cluster assembly.
Step 5. Don't forget to do a cosmetic restoration on the cluster housing too!
Step 6. While we are at it, let's do a quartz conversion on the original clock.
Step 7. Take pictures of the retro-fitted cluster, complete with modern gauge movements and full cosmetic restoration, before you ship it out to one VERY happy customer!
That's how we do it at Bob's Speedometer!

When will you be sending in YOUR cluster to make it better-than-new again?

Take a nice long look at this beautiful, completely restored 1940 Pontiac cluster
All new chrome with all new faces. The speedometer and odometer were rebuilt to make them like new.
The Battery, Gasoline, Oil Pressure and Temperature gauges were retrofitted with all new modern gauges.
Last but not least, we added customized LED turn signal indicators.
That's how we do things at Bob's Speedometer!
All Star Hall of Fame - Page 2
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