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These pages are dedicated to sharing pictures of some of our restoration projects.
Just a random collection of things that we are quite proud to have worked on.
Some are old projects, some we are currently working on, others we have recently finished.

Truth be told, this restored cluster from a 1936 Daimler probably looks BETTER
than it did the day it left the factory, which was 77 years ago!
But then, we had a head start. Back in 1936, when this Daimler was built,
Bob's Speedometer had already been in business for 7 years!


Although the bulk of the work done at Bob's Speedometer does involve the repair and restoration of
antique automobile gauges, that is by no means the only thing their technicians can restore.
Take a look at this restored instrument cluster from a 1962 Case tractor, for example...


A classic Stewart-Warner speedometer, from a 1923 Hudson.
It's all done, and waiting for it's ride back to it's owner in Europe.
Bob's Speedometer customers are from every continent on our planet, except Antarctica!
Enjoy your flight!


It seems that 1955 is a magic number for many classic car lovers.
It just doesn't get much more classic than this 1955 Chevy cluster folks!
For restoring your classic instrumentation, there's Bob's Speedometer, and then there is everyone else!


The simple elegance of this dashboard clock from a 1941 Buick , retrofitted
with a modern quartz clock movement makes this restoration project a winning combination!
Quartz clock conversions are just one of the many retrofitting services we offer at Bob's Speedometer!


When this set of restored gauges from a 1931 Cadillac gets delivered sometime around the
third week of November, you can bet it's owner will feel like Christmas came early!


So everyone knows that the technicians at Bob's Speedometer are experts in the repair and restoration
of gauges for vintage, classic, and current model automobiles, boats, fire trucks, and military vehicles.

But did you know that those same techs can also perform their magical transformations
on the gauges for your vintage or classic motorcycle as well?

Take a look at this stunning before and after photo of the
speedometer and tachometer from a 1972 Honda restoration-


We love it when our customers take the time to send us pictures
of their gauges once they have been installed into their restoration project.

This 1932 Dodge Brothers Convertible Coupe is one sweet ride,
and we are proud to have been a part of it's resurrection!


Sometimes just restoring your gauges is not enough. Sometimes you want to convert your 140mph speedometer to 200mph. And while you're doing that, why not do custom faces to match the exterior paint job? And by all means, let's do the auxiliary gauge cluster to match!

This custom retrofit on a set of 1980 Corvette gauges makes this cockpit a show stopper!

The techs at Bob's Speedometer are not just restoration experts, they are also experts at retrofitting and customizing your gauges as well!


It only takes one glance at this elegant instrument panel from a REO Flying Cloud to appreciate why
car restoration enthusiasts dream of someday owning one!
Can you guess the story of why the Clipper Ship emblem was used?


This 1961 Corvette has had the speedometer repaired, the tachometer converted from mechanical to electronic,
and the original amp gauge has been replaced with a Bob's Speedometer Corvette Amp2Volt conversion.


You say you have this awesome 1941 street rod but you want the classic look of the original instrumentation?
Let the Retro-fitting experts at Bob's Speedometer hook you up!


There is only one word to describe this restored cluster from a 1946 Garwood-



If you had sent in your 1940 Pontiac instrument cluster to the technicians at Bob's Speedometer
to have it rebuilt and restored, you'd be looking at something like this when you opened up
the box we shipped back to you! And that would put a BIG, BIG smile on your face!


When you are looking to have the gauges for your vintage Packard restored
to better-than-factory condition, there's only one place to consider.
Send them in to the Packard Pros at Bob's Speedometer!


It takes a special kind of person to invest the time, money,
and effort to lovingly restore a 1948 Mack LJ series truck.
And the techs at Bob's Speedometer are ready and waiting
when it's time to get that speedo restored, just the way you want it!


At the top, a battered escutcheon plate from a 1954 Chevy Bel Air instrument cluster.
In the middle, a custom fabricated replacement from Bob's Speedometer.
At the bottom, the restored cluster with the brand new escutcheon plate installed.
Why do we go to these extraordinary lengths to get these kinds of results?
It's simple! Our customers expect nothing less from the techs at Bob's Speedometer!


Does the instrument cluster of your 1947 REO look this good?
If not, box it up and send it in to the techs at Bob's Speedometer who will be more
than happy to make sure it looks this good when they send it back to you!


All Star Hall of Fame - Page 1
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