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Guess the Answer – Win A Calendar

This fuel gauge, from an early predecessor to the Tesla Roadster, was considered cutting edge technology back in 1922, when this unique vehicle rolled off the assembly line. Unfortunately this vehicle’s chances of becoming the de facto standard for the automotive industry was cut short by GM, who bought the plant out shortly afterwards, in 1923. And although a few more specialty vehicles were produced after this buyout, this model name quickly became just another footnote in automobile history.

Now on display in an Automobile Museum down in one of the southern states, this one of a kind vehicle sold for over $56,000 when it was auctioned off about 5 years ago.

If you can guess the year and make of this years-before-it’s-time vehicle, use the Contact Us page to send in your answer. The first six people that send in the correct answer will get their very own copy of the highly sought after Bob’s Speedometer 2018 Muscle Car Calendar!

Don’t have a clue as to the correct answer?

We do have limited quantities of this exclusive calendar for sale.  Call us for details.